About Us

Ian Coombes Ltd has been trading for the past 35 years and has since become a leading manufacturer and supplier of systems and products to the Australasian swimming pool and water treatment industries.

We have been the leading manufacturer & supplier of MacBall Thermal Pool Blankets and Reel Systems to the New Zealand and Australian markets since 1990.

With branches in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland & Melbourne we are well positioned to service the Australasian swimming pool market with experience in both commercial and domestic swimming pools.

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We are totally committed to supplying the highest level of customer service, through our friendly dedicated team,which includes a blend of many disciplines and backgrounds,combining a mixture of experience and innovation, which is hard to beat.

Ian Coombes Ltd is able to supply superior systems and products, which has contributed to the success of the company, resulting in ongoing business and customer referrals to new clients.

Our ability to provide  customised and cost effective solutions for our customers has given us a  constant demand for our products and services. Our commitment to providing safe  and easy to use products ensures that any equipment investments are maximised.

In short, we fully understand that you the customer, is the future of our business and we shall endeavour to do everything possible to fulfil your expectations.

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Benefits of Dealing with ICL

We believe that the following list of benefits summarises why you should choose Ian Coombes Ltd for your next project or as your preferred supplier. 

  1. Experience Of Our People 
    The mix of experience of over 35 years as specialists in pool filtration means that our multi talented engineers can provide skill and assistance to everything from small facilities to major facility management. 
  2. Product Design And Function 
    Our own manufacturing and engineering skills ensure that all products are designed with ease of use, safety, durability and quality foremost and to extend the length of life under use. Our design and function experience coupled with tools such as CAD, means we can ensure you get an investment that fits your budget as we design/build a solution that best suits your own performance requirements. 
  3. Service Support And Backup 
    We service what we sell. To do that effectively we have national branches throughout New Zealand as well as distributors throughout Australia. We offer an after hours service when you need it. Any warranty claims etc are easily and quickly resolved. 
  4. Knowledge 
    In repairs and servicing, we can be very cost effective in time utilisation because of the skills of our people, who are specialists in pool filtration and pool water chemistry. All sizes of job roles can be undertaken as our practical engineering knowledge ensures that we fully understand how things work, from the time of installation and design, through to completion and ongoing maintenance. 
  5. Diversity 
    Diversity in both product range and expertise, allows us to more easily assume the mantle of specialists in the commercial pool field and also provides clients with more of a "one stop shop" approach to their commercial pool requirements. In this way preferred supplier arrangements are more practical and can offer clients many benefits compared to purchasing from a variety of companies. 
  6. Testimonials 
    We let our clients and our customers comment on what they feel about our performance.