Chemicals & Testing

Ian Coombes Ltd has developed a solid background in swimming pool chemistry and is able to offer an extensive range of pool chemicals and testing equipment catering for the residential customer right through to bulk supply for the commercial operation.

Chemical Storage

Ian Coombes Ltd has a range of specially designed chemical storage containers to suit individual requirements. The containers have been manufactured in natural polyethylene which is compatible with chlorine, acids and alklis.

  • Containers fit through most doorways and minimises plant room space requirements
  • Provision for suction tube and chemical pump
  • Provision for bottom drain valve
  • Graduated scale on outside of container in 20 and 100 litre increments



Testing Equipment

Water Testing - testing equipment


The 5826:2010 NZS clearly outlines the requirements for regular water quality testing in commercial and domestic swimming pools.  We are able to offer a wide range of testing equipment with something suitable for all uses and budgets.

Ian Coombes Ltd are official suppliers of Palintest pool testing equipment and reagents.

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Pool Chemicals

Water Testing Chemical truck   Ian Coombes Ltd stock and supply a wide range of chemicals for your swimming pool.  Whether you are a small private user or a large commercial operator we are able to provide pool chemicals in quantities suitable for your consumption needs.

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