Defender® Regenerative Media Filters

The Defender® filter is an earth friendly solution for pristine pool water and it continues to have a marked impact on the global water footprint. This industry leading filter will give you maximum performance, longevity and user friendliness — an outcome that is good for the planet and our resources.

Here are the fabulous five benefits enjoyed by existing Defender® customers:

1) Water & Waste Savings

The Defender® filter virtually eliminates the tremendous amount of the backwash water associated with sand filter operation. Instead of reverse flushing, as with a sand filter, Defender® simply discharges the spent media directly to waste and is recharged from time to time.

2) Energy & Chemicals Savings

The dramatic reduction of backwash waste directly translates to savings in make-up water along with the chemicals and fuel for re-heating. Consider the cost of chemically treating 2.2 million gallons (8328 m3) and the BTUs required to heat this volume from 50 degrees (10°C) to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27°C).

3) Construction Savings

More savings are derived from the smaller construction footprint for Defender® filter. This results in as little as one-fourth to one-sixth of the space required by an equivalently sized sand system, saving installation and rigging time.

4) Power Savings

Defender® reduces head loss (vs. compared to sand) to which saves motor horsepower operational cost. Starting differential pressures for a high-rate sand filter, depending on the media, could range from 4 to 6 psi (27.6 kpa to 41.4 kpa). In contrast, the starting differential of the Defender® is approximately 1 psi (6.9 kpa). Converting this to head represents savings of nearly 12 feet (3.65m) total dynamic head, or TDH, which translates to horsepower and energy savings. In most cases, the pump motor required for Defender® filter recirculation is smaller than a sand filter. Utilizing a 25hp motor instead of a 30hp unit would result in electricity savings of $3,000 per year.

5) Water Quality

The Defender® filter will remove particles down to 1 micron. With the growing concerns about waterborne illnesses (WBI) such as cryptosporidiosis, the smaller the particle removal the better. The Defender® filter is especially effective on pools with heavy bather loads because of the increased filter area and dirt holding capacity.

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