We know it can be frustrating trying to find a user manual or installation guide for a product that you purchased and now have no idea where you placed the manual so to make your life easier this page contains a range of manuals and installation guides for most of our products. 

Also below you will find a number of usefull documents relating to the products or services that we provide.

If you have looked over this page and still cant find what you are looking for then please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.



Pumping & Filtration

Defender Filter Brochure

Defender Technical Datasheet

Aquabos Vacuum Filter Brochure

Purifibre Information Brochure

Jacuzzi EW Filter User Guide

Jacuzzi Magnum Force Pump User Guide

Waterco Micron Sand Filter Manual

Waterco Micron Fiberglass Filters Datasheet

Pool Water Disinfection

Siemens / Strantrol Chemical Controllers

Siemens Ezetrol Plus Data Sheet

Siemens Ezetrol Maual

Siemens Ezetrol Short Instruction Guide

Siemens Ezetrol Plus Manual

Siemens Ezetrol Zero Point Calibration Guide

Siemens Depolox Data Sheet

Strantrol System 3 chemical controller manual

Setpoint Controller Manual

Setpoint NX Controller Installation & Operators guide

Chemigem D10 Operating Manual

Stenner Pumps

Stenner Installation and Operating guide

UV Equipment

Siemens Barrier M UV Datasheet



Thermal Pool Blankets

MacBall Thermal Pool Blankets

ICL Australia Commercial Pool Blanket Brochure

MacBall New Zealand Warranty Document


Pool Vacuums

Aquavac Range

Tigershark II Operating Manual

Kingshark Operating Manual

Kingshark II Operating Manual

Kingshark II Plus Operating Manual

MakoShark Operating Manual


Chemicals & Testing

Palintest Range

PoolTest 25 Pro User Manual

PoolTest 9 Premier User Manual

PoolTest 6 User Manual

PoolTest 6 Low Range ICL Quick User Guide

PoolTest 3 User Manual


 Sauna & Steam

EOS M3 Data Sheet

EOS M3 Installation & User Guide

EOS 43.FN Data Sheet

EOS 43.FN Installation & User Guide

EOS P1 Data Sheet

EOS P1 Installation & User Guide

EOS 34G Data Sheet

EOS 34G Installation & User Guide

EOS Goliath Data Sheet

EOS Goliath Installation & User Guide

EOS Saunadome Data Sheet

EOS Saunadome Installation & User Guide


Sauna Controllers

EOS Emotech DC 9000 Sauna Controller Data Sheet

EOS Emotech DC 9000 Sauna Controller Installation & User Guide

EOS Emotec B6000 Sauna Controller Data Sheet

EOS Emotech B6000 Sauna Controller Installation & User Guide

Steam Equipment

EOS Steamtech Premium additional notes for startup