Electric Heat Pumps

Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to offer the "Performance Plus" range of heat pumps for both residential as well as commercial installations.

The "Performance Plus" range of Heat Pumps are built in New Zealand by Hotwater Heat Pumps Ltd in Auckland. Hotwater Heat Pumps have been specialist pool heat pump manufacturers since 1980.

The benefit of a heat pump is that it offers a coefficient of performance in that while its input is low, it is capable of producing up to four times more heat than its input, depending on the outside ambient air temperature.

An example of this is the HW225 model, which is a single-phase unit having an input of 2 kW.


Depending on the ambient air temperature and humidity, this model is capable of producing up to 10 kW of heat output. This performance is based on 18°c wet bulb and 28°c pool water temperature

These heat pumps, using standard sizing are capable of maintaining a pool temperature of 28°c for an extended summer season, mid October to mid March, unless otherwise stated.

Heat pumps are sized with the use an insulating pool blanket in mind. If a bubble cover was used to cover the pool, or an insulating pool blanket was not used, then we would have to size a larger unit, creating a higher capital and operating cost.

Performance Plus heat pumps offer the following benefits:

  • Manufactured by a New Zealand company with a long and well-proven track record.
  • Latest up to the minute technology applied.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Automatic reverse cycle defrost on all models allows reliable low ambient operation.
  • Built in refrigeration and water flow safety switches.
  • Easy to operate electronic controller with digital temperature display.
  • Weatherproof cabinet suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Ten year warranty on the titanium tubing within the heat exchanger and a 24 month mechanical warranty.
  • Optional fully automated control systems are also available for controlling filtration, chlorinators, pool and spa applications etc...

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