Medium Pressure UV

Disinfection of swimming pool water via medium pressure ultra violet light disinfection has become the standard in many parts of the world for chloramine destruction.

The term "medium pressure" refers to the pressure inside the UV tube, it has nothing to do with water pressure etc. Unlike low pressure UV technology which has been around for years and used with less than favourable results on pools in the past, medium pressure UV technology creates many wavelengths of light which has a much enhanced ability to destroy chloramines and dangerous pathogens.


Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to represtent Best UV from the Netherlands as the exclusive agents in New Zealand for their range of affordabel medium pressure UV units for swimming pools.


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   Best UV medium pressure disinfection for swimming pools

Medium Pressure technology offers the following benefits:

    • Offers excellent increases in water quality through the destruction of chloramines
    • Has the proven ability to destroy Cryptosporidium cysts and other dangerous pathogens found in swimming pool water
    • Requires a relatively small footprint so it is well suited to retrofits as well as new facilities
    • A wide range of units are available to match the required duty with a suitably sized unit that is capable of providing the desired results
    • Very safe, especially in comparison to Ozone
    • Low maintenance costs, especially in comparison to Ozone
    • Surprisingly low capital value, especially in comparison to Ozone