Pool Vacuums

Ian Coombes Ltd have been supplying and servicing automatic vacuum cleaners for the commercial swimming pool market in New Zealand for over 20 years and with servicing branches in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch we are well placed to provide any after sales servicing and maintenance on any of our vacuum options.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

ICH Roboter Automatic Pool Cleaner  

Every pool needs cleaning on a regular basis, not only for appearances and sanitation but to protect the investment you have made in your backyard oasis. Hayward offers a full line of cleaners that are more effective and energy efficiently and with less effort. Our line of pool cleaners is recognized for their ease of use, superior cleaning performance and ability to maximize efficiency.

Robotic cleaners are our most energy efficient automatic pool cleaners. They are 94% more energy efficient vs most pressure cleaners.

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Hammerhead Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaner Pool vacuum manual vacuum  

The battery powered Hammer Head is a totally self-contained manual vacuum that comes in the popular 0.75m commercial model, ideal for all public pools.

All the hassles and hazards associated with conventional pumps, vacuum hoses, extension cords, power outlets, etc. are now a thing of the past.

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Fairlocks Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaner Pool vacuum filtration  

Known as the most efficient and robust manual pool cleaning system on the market the “big yellow one” has been a top seller in Europe for over 30 years.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial swimming pools, the new multi-fit handle enables rapid change from one implement to another.

The Fairlocks streamlined shape facilitates faster cleaning to the best effect and the centrally mounted 19” brush enables the vac-head to collect even the solid debris that would be left behind by less capable systems.

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