Pool Water Disinfection

When it comes to controlling the water chemistry of a pool, careful consideration should be given to ensure the equipment that controls your pool water quality is of the highest quality ensuring consistent pool water quality, bather comfort, extended equipment life and economical/safe operation.

Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to offer its range of renowned systems that have been specified, for use at Olympic complexes.

Ian Coombes Ltd are able to offer the following range of pool water disinfection systems:
   Swimming Pool Filtration Pool Cleaner

Automatic Chemical Control

Swimming pool Chemical Control Pool Water Testing  

For commercial pools we use the Becs range of controllers as we have found these to be the most accurate, reliable and best suited to the rigors of commercial use.

From the range of controllers available  we suggest that the following two controllers are well suited to most New  Zealand applications.

There are also higher specification models available that also control filter processes, such as backwashing etc. 

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pH Correction

Swimming Pool equipment Pool disinfection  

Using CO2 eliminates storing and handling of dangerous acids and CO2 does not create corrosive fumes that can damage other equipment located in the plant room.

Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that is present in the air we breathe and is used by many plants to make their food. CO2 is used by many municipal water treatment plants for lowering pH.

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Dosing Pumps

Chlorine dosing pumps Swimming Pool equipment   Ian Coombes Ltd is able to offer a complete range of quality and reliable peristaltic chemical feeders with variable output ranges.

The Stenner Pump is a positive displacement,  self-priming chemical pump specifically designed to administer chemicals with  minimum of maintenance and operator time.

Models are available as fixed output  units or with single and dual adjustable feed rates.

Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers reliable performance. 

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Medium Pressure UV

Medium pressure UV Swimming Pool equipment  

Disinfection of swimming pool water via medium pressure ultra violet light disinfection has become the standard in many parts of the world for chloramine destruction.

Ian Coombes Ltd have been recommending and installing the Best range of Medium Pressure UV systems and have found this to be a cost effective and reliable product range.

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Salt Chlorination

Swimming Pool equipment   Salt water chlorination is a common form of disinfectant for domestic and small commercial pools.

Saltwater chlorination involves swimming pool salt being dosed directly into the pool to create a mildly saline solution. The pool water is then passed through an inline cell where chlorine is electrolytically produced. 

Saltwater chlorination provides swimming pool water that is very pleasant to bathers as well as easy to maintain. Many potentially dangerous pool chemicals are done away with.

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