Pool Heating

Ian Coombes Ltd offer a full range of heating solutions for both the domestic and commercial swimmibng pool market.  Whether you are looking for an electric heat pump, Gas boiler or perhaps you are looking at the benefits of solar heating Ian Coombes Ltd are able to offer you advice on the pro's and cons of each option.

Our team are expereinced with all types of swimming pool heating and are able to look at your pool and surrounding area to advise on what solution would fit your requirments best.

  Swimming Pool Heat Pump and Pool Heating electric pumps


Electric Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Heat Pump and Pool Heating electric heat pump  

Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to offer the "Performance Plus" range of heat pumps for both residential as well as commercial installations.

The "Performance Plus" range of Heat Pumps are built in New Zealand by Hotwater Heat Pumps Ltd in Auckland. Hotwater Heat Pumps have been specialist pool heat pump manufacturers since 1980.

The benefit of a heat pump is that it offers a coefficient of performance in that while its input is low, it is capable of producing up to four times more heat than its input, depending on the outside ambient air temperature.

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Solar Heating

Swimming Pool Heat Pump and Pool Heating solar heating  

Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to be distributors of the Zane Solar Pool Water Heating System.

The option of enjoying a longer pool season is both simple and practical with a Zane Solar Water Heating System. The sun is a natural energy source - reliable and unlimited. Best of all, it's free. No expensive costs. No undesirable pollutants.

Zane Solar heating can be readily added to existing pool systems or designed into a new pool construction. Zane solar systems are suitable for both residential, as well as commercial pools.

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