Reinforced PVC Pool Membrane

A reinforced PVC membrane installed by Ian Coombes Ltd is the ideal finishing solution for both new and existing
swimming pools. Custom made on site each time to ensure a perfect fit to your swimming pool. Our Elbtal SBG150 Supra
reinforced PVC membranes are made in Germany to the highest of quality standards. Due to its flexible nature our
reinforced PVC membrane is ideal as a solution for refurbishing an existing pool giving pools a new lease of life no matter
how tired the existing pool might be.

  • No more leaking pools
  • No more painting
  • Easily repairable
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible product with high tollerence to siezmic events


A guaranteed product for the lining of public swimming pools!

  • Approved for public swimming pools as per KSW/KTW (plastics coming into contact with swimming /drinking water)
  • CE certified
  • Free from heavy metals, physiologically safe and certified as per EN71-3
  • (European standard for safety of toys)
  • EN 15836-2
  • (European standard for swimming pool membranes)
  • Quality management certified as per ISO 9001
  • 10 year warranty certificate for watertightness
  • (when properly installed and maintained)

All Ian Coombes Ltd installation staff have extensive training in the installation of Elbe blue Line PVC membrane
installations to ensure a quality job every time.


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   Recent PVC Membrane Installations
   Heathcote Valley School 2015  
Membrane rolled out to pool floor
Anti-Slip membrane to steps
Pool completed and in use
   Mariehau Primary School 2015
Anti-Slip membrane to steps
Membrane applied to pool walls
Pool completed and ready to fill
   Rawhiti Primary School 2015
Concrete pool losing water
Membrane applied to pool walls
Pool completed and ready for use
   Graham Condon Aquatic Splash Pad Refurb
Beach entry splash pad refurb for CCC
Anti Slip Membrane applied to beach area
Splash Pad ready for use
   McAndrew Bay School Pool Refurb
Fleece Underlay applied to walls
Anti Slip Membrane applied to steps
Membrane installed to walls