Salt Water Chlorination

We offer the WaterCo range of saltwater chlorinators for residential and commercial applications.

Saltwater chlorination involves swimming pool salt being dosed directly into the pool to create a mildly saline solution. The pool water is then passed through an inline cell where chlorine is electrolytically produced.

Saltwater chlorination provides swimming pool water that is very pleasant to bathers as well as easy to maintain. Many potentially dangerous pool chemicals are done away with.

These systems, especially when coupled to an automatic pool water chemistry controller, offer an easy and safe system to  operate. These systems also have low installation and running costs, making  them an attractive proposition for residential pools. 

WaterCo Electrochlor

  The ElectroChlor will automatically maintain the chlorine level of your pool and eliminate problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels. Fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels mean fewer fluctuations in pH levels. This adds up to more stable, balanced water.

Consistently maintained sanitizer levels in the pool water will prevent the growth of all common algae. A salt-water chlorinated pool requires much less attention than a chlorine pool. A salt water pool provides a more comfortable swimming environment. Salt water feels better and is less irritating to the body than standard chlorinated water.