Sand Filtration

Sand filtration is perhaps the most common form of filtration found in swimming pools. 

This tends to be due to is ease of use and  realativly easy maintenance.  For this  reason Sand filtration is very popular amongst domestic and smaller commercial  facilities. 

A pressure-fed sand filter  is typically placed in line immediately after the water pump. The filter  typically contains a media such as graded sand or more recently a many filters  have been using recycled crushed glass as a filter media.


A sand filter will generally filter turbid water of particulates down to between 30 – 40 microns in size. Sand filters need to be periodically  back washed as contaminants reduce water flow and increase back pressure.

At Ian Coombes Ltd we have access to a wide range of Sand Filtration options ranging in size from small domestic units to large units suitable for use in commercial swimming pools.