Sauna Accessories

EMOTEC® DC 9000 Sauna Controller

  • Electronic control unit with Jumbo LCD display, high-contrast backlighting, time and preselection timer in 24 h real time
  • Infinitely adjustable electronic regulation between 30 °C to
    110 °C
  • Modul colourlight upgrade optional
  • Temperature preselection, fault signalling
  • Heating time limiter 6 h, 12 h or without
  • Switching capacity 9 kW, in connection with power switchgear up to 36 kW
  • Connection for cabin light and fan
  • Safety temperature limiter 139 °C
  • Light and fan are fuse-protected internally.
  • Dimensions HWD 240 x 230 x 70 mm

Also available is the B6000 controller for domestic installations

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GSM mobile phone remote switch module

  • For EMOTEC DC 9000, EMOTEC HCS 9003 and EmoTouch II
  • Remote operation module for sauna switching over the mobile phone (requires GSM network and a working SIM card)
  • Allows to switch the sauna on and off over the mobile phone
  • Error messages (alarms) per SMS
  • SIM card is not included
  • By operation with remote switch moduls an additional safety system like our cover protection rail must be installed


Sauna kit

  Consisting of infusion bowl, bowl insert, ladle, sand timer, 100 mm dia. climate measuring unit


Sauna Rocks

  Ian Coombes Ltd always have stock of sauna rocks so should you need to replace your existing sauna rocks we would be happy to send some out to you.