Sauna Construction

Ian Coombes Ltd offers a range of options when considering the construction of a sauna. These options fall into the following broad categories:

    • Design build options where the sauna can be custom designed to suit a particular existing space or area and constructed by us.
    • Supply of materials only. PLEASE NOTE, this option is only available to purchasers who are having their own builder complete the sauna construction, or those who can demonstrate the ability and confidence to carry out the construction themselves.
    • While the construction of the sauna only involves basic building and carpentry skills, it is usually beyond the ability of most "weekend DIY handymen". 
    • Kitset saunas – we no longer stock kit set sauna rooms as it often works out cheaper to construct a sauna on site than to provide a kit set however we are still able to produce kit set sauna rooms by request.


All saunas rooms are constructed with:

1. Interior lining in Scandinavian Spruce T&G. Depending on the design of the sauna this timber may also be used in one or more of the external walls of the sauna. This timber is machine grade and offers a superior machined finish that is not out of place in any level of internal décor. The timber is light in appearance giving the sauna a clean and vibrant feel while offering unsurpassed levels of longevity and function. 

2. A sauna door.  We are able to offer several options for sauna door from a frameless glass panel which give a very sleek modern look to your sauna, or a traditional spruce framed sauna door with a vertical glass window.

3. Benches are supplied, usually in a two level format, offering spaces for users to both lie down in as well as to sit. Benches are usually 500mm in width and our standard heights for the benches are at 500mm for the low bench and 800mm for the high bench. All benches are constructed from Aspen timber due to its low heat retention qualities and resistance to staining, along with the fact that it is a sustainable resource. 

4. Backrests, constructed from Aspen are also included on the walls above the benches so that the sauna lining timber is not stained from perspiration etc. 

5. Headrests are also constructed from Aspen so sauna users lying down on benches can do so while maintaining a safe and comfortable position. 

6. A heater guardrail is also constructed from Aspen so that the heater is shrouded in an attractive and safe surround. 

7. Duckboards are supplied that are constructed in Aspen so that the floor of the sauna offers a safe and aesthetically blended surface that compliments the total sauna "look". 

8. A bulkhead light fitting that takes a 240-volt; 40-watt lamp is supplied. This light fitting meets the requirements of the relevant New Zealand electrical regulations. This light fitting is shrouded with an attractive wooden diffuser so that the overall look of the sauna is not compromised. 

Many optional extras are available to compliment finished sauna rooms so that the finished product maintains the traditional sauna look and function. All of these products are available as individual items or as a complete "sauna kit". These products include:

    • Combined Thermometer and Hygrometers. These attractive wooden and glass units are designed to accurately display the air temperature and relative humidity within the room. This is an important aspect to controlling the sauna so that an optimum temperature and humidity can be reached and maintained without compromising the safety of users.
    • Sand Timers. Elongated glass egg type timers filled with sand and attached to an attractive wooden frame are available. These timers are very important so users can easily keep track of the time they have been using the sauna so that they do not exceed safe limits.
    • Buckets and Ladles. Attractive wooden buckets with PVC liners are available along with long wooden ladles. These provide an attractive store for water within the sauna as well as a safe means for this water to be applied to the hot rocks.