Sauna and Steam

For over 2,000 years people have enjoyed sauna bathing as a way to help assist in their health and wellbeing. To keep this tradition alive, Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to offer the EOS range of sauna and steam equipment manufactured to a high standard in Germany. Ian Coombes Ltd is the sole New Zealand agent for EOS Sauna and Steam Products.

A sauna is essentially a timber-lined room that is heated to approximately 85°c. The sauna offers a very dry heat with relative humidity usually within the range of 5 to 20%.  

The sauna user, by adding small amounts of water to the sauna rocks generally controls the amount of humidity within the sauna room. 

These rocks, which are contained in the top of the sauna heater, are hot so the water is instantly turned into steam, which in turn raises the relative humidity of the room.

   Sauna Equipment Steam Generators

The heat of the sauna causes sweating, which releases toxins from the body, burns calories and conditions the heart.  Anxieties, stresses and the troubles of everyday life melt away as the bather relaxes in the soothing comfort of the sauna. There is no better way to take time out, become more relaxed and soothe away sore muscles.

The sauna experience can be a personal enjoyment, or equally shared with family and friends. EOS saunas are helping people feel relaxed, refreshed and better every day. Download and read the EOS sauna booklet for more information about the sauna experience

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Why choose an EOS Sauna or associated Sauna Products from Ian Coombes Ltd?

Firstly and foremost, it has to be the undoubted quality of the EOS product compared to other, sometimes cheaper alternatives.

An honest "apples with apples" comparison between EOS and its competitors, will easily show the differences.

These differences are not only aesthetic, in many cases they can bear a direct influence on the longevity of the product, both in terms of aesthetics, functionality as well as structural integrity.

Couple the EOS quality with the experience Ian Coombes Ltd has built up through being a long term manufacturer and supplier of sauna rooms/products and you have a resulting package that is superior in many ways to competing brands.

Ian Coombes Ltd will not only supply a quality product or finished article, their three regional branches in the main centers allows a country wide coverage for prompt and efficient after sales service.


Sauna Heaters

Sauna heaters Steam Generators


EOS have an extensive range of Sauna heaters and accessories, we only stock a selection of their products here in New Zealand but if there is a specific product or sauna model that you would like we are able to source any of the EOS range of equipment which can be viewed on their website  

Click on the link below to view a list of the products that we have readily available here in New Zealand.

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Steam Generators


Steam generator from EOS "SteamTec II Premium " is the latest innovation inhigh performance steam generators with its all new Stainless Steel water tank complete with external heating elements. Includes an automatic self-cleaning system (flushing & descaling) for long lasting service and low maintenance costs. 5 l tank for descaling liquid. Outer shell in durable, shatter-resistant ABS. Wall-hanging, all connections at the bottom. Heavy-duty stainless steel water tank.

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Sauna Construction

Sauna Equipment Sauna Construction  

Ian Coombes Ltd offers a range of options when considering the construction of a sauna. These options fall into the following broad categories:

  • Design build options where the sauna can be custom designed to suit a particular existing space or area and constructed by us.
  • Supply of materials only. PLEASE NOTE, this option is only available to purchasers who are having their own builder complete the sauna construction, or those who can demonstrate the ability and confidence to carry out the construction themselves.
  • While the construction of the sauna only involves basic building and carpentry skills, it is usually beyond the ability of most "weekend DIY handymen"

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Sauna & Steam Accessories

Sauna Equipment steam generators  

We are able to offer a wide range of sauna and steam accessories to enhance your sauna experience.  Whether you are just looking to replace your sauna rocks or themometer or if you are looking to add remote functionality to your sauna room we have a product that will do the job for you.

We also stock a full range of spare parts for all our sauna and steam equipment plus our service technicians are experienced in service and repair of both sauna and steam equipment.

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