Solar Heating

Ian Coombes Ltd is proud to be distributors of the Zane Solar Pool Water Heating System.

The option of enjoying a longer pool season is both simple and practical with a Zane Gulfpanel Solar Water Heating System. The sun is a natural energy source - reliable and unlimited. Best of all, it's free. No expensive costs. No undesirable pollutants.

Zane Solar heating can be readily added to existing pool systems or designed into a new pool construction. Zane solar systems are suitable for both residential, as well as commercial pools.


From day one cost free heat from the sun adds that extra enjoyment to your pool use and can double the total swimming season.

Heliocol collector panels are located on a north facing roof or other area. Pool water is diverted to the sun-exposed panels and returned to the pool for your enjoyment and comfort. Enjoy more of the good life with Heliocol and extend your pool season at the lowest possible cost with free solar heating.