Steam Generators

SteamTec II Premium

  • High performance steam generator (IPX4) for commercial steam bath
  • Designed for heavy-duty operation.
  • Stainless steel water tank with external heating ellements prevent water coming in contact with the heating elements.
  • Incl. automatic self-cleaning system (flushing & descaling) system, incl.
  • Incl. deluxe digital multifunctional control panel for: temperature, operating time, clock & timer, aroma dosing, RGB colour light, 1 potential free output, air supply & exhaust fan, cleaning, master remote control
  • The control panel is detachable and may be installed inside a steam cabin or in a plant room. Plastic-coated keypad, stainless steel front cover, LED display
  • Wall hanging, all connections at the bottom. Stainless steel water tank

Delivery includes:

  • Steam generator incl. cleaning system with 5 l tank (excl. descaling liquid).
  • Multifunctional control panel with 7 m cable, temperature sensor NTC1000 with cable, steam outlet (1 1/4“ with deflector)
  • Connection 400 V 3N AC.
  • Outer dimensions HWD 670 x 460 x 350 mm