Testing Equipment (palintest)

The 5826:2010 NZS clearly outlines the requirements for regular water quality testing in commercial and domestic swimming pools.  We are able to offer a wide range of testing equipment with something suitable for all uses and budgets.

Test Strips

  Test strips are a quick and easy way to get a basic overview of your pool or spa water chemistry.  The 4 in 1 test strips we have available test for Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Stabiliser (cyanuric acid). 

The test is quick and easy to carry out, you simply dip the test strip in the pool water, wait a few moments then compare the results to the color chart of the reverse of the test strip container.


3 in 1 Comparitor


Comparator tests use visual standards to assess the colour produced when reagents are added to a sample of water.

Tablet reagents are used with these kits for maximum simplicity and convenience, you simply fill the test tubes up with sample water, dissolve the reagent tablet in the water then compare the colour produced to the colour chart on the test tube.

The 3 in 1 comparitor is able to test for Free Chlorine, pH & Alkalinity and is a great test kit for the home swimming pool.


Pooltest 6


Regular testing of pool water is essential for effective disinfection and pH control.

The new Palintest Pooltest 6 offers the ideal answer – a 6 parameter instrument which is quick, accurate and reliable and ideally suited to smaller commercial swimming pools, hotels and school pools where regular and accurate water testing is a requirement.


  • Tests for Alkalinity, Bromine, Chlorine, pH, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid
  • Robust, Waterproof, IP 67 Rating
  • Easy to use (4 intuitive buttons)
  • Extended Range Chlorine (0.01 - 10.0 mg/l) version available.


  • Narrow band wavelength filters, enhanced performance
  • Language Free, Universal symbol set
  • Large backlit Graphics Display Screen
  • Longer cell pathlength, greater resolution at low concentrations

The meter has automatic blank recognition and zero setting, 10 readings can be held in the instrument memory.

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Pooltest 9 Premier


The new Pooltest 9 Premier builds on the phenomenal success of its predecessor, offering even more great features.

The Pooltest 9 Premier is quick and easy to use and is fully integrated with the Palintest tablet test reagents.

  • USB port for PC connection interface (no additional software required)
  • Iron LR Test
  • test results stored on-board with time and date
  • Palintest and Langelier Indices available Software upgrade

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Pooltest 25


The superb Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is recognised around the world as the best pool photometer on the market.

This state of the art instrument is fully waterproof and features a full range of test parameters to suit the most demanding professional swimming applications.

There is even a water balance calculation programmed into the instrument to ensure that pools are kept in optimum condition.

It features simple selection of over 25 pre-programmed tests via a keypad and the large backlit LCD screen. The testing method set up and wavelength selection are automatic which makes the instrument ideally suited to testing multiple parameters quickly and accurately. The instrument can store up to 1000 test resultsin its on-board memory and can be interfaced with spreadsheets or pool management software applications.

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Reagents & Testubes

    We hold most of the above testing equipment in stock and we also hold an extensive range of replacement Palintest reagents and test tubes.


TDS Meters

  The Palintest range includes a handy selection of pocket sensors for measuring pH, conductivity and TDS. Compact, lightweight and affordable they are ideal for your water testing needs.

Palintest Pocket TDS and Conductivity Sensors are simple to use pocket sized instruments for checking the total dissolved solids content or conductivity of water and aqueous solutions. The TDS sensor calibration is based on the established factor that TDS equals conductivity x0.67 at 25°C (except TDS Salt Pool Sensor which uses a factor of 0.55).