Thermal Pool Blankets

Ian Coombes Ltd manufactures the MacBall Heat Saver Thermal Pool Blanket System. This system reduces pool operating costs dramatically, with options available for residential and commercial pools that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations.

Since 2003 we have been manufacturing and laminating our own MacBall Heatsaver thermal blankets.

Each blanket is made with a tough top and bottom layer of UV resistant woven polyethylene with a crosslinked polyethylene foam sandwiched between for increased strength and durability.

In 2006 MacBall Heatsaver 8 was upgraded with increased strength and insulation values for longer lasting performance. The standard thickness of the MacBall Heatsaver thermal pool blanket is 4mm but 5mm and 6mm options are available upon request.

  Thermal Pool Blankets

All MacBall Heatsaver blankets come edged with reinforced eyelets and an optional wind resistant edging to ensure that your blanket will provide many years of service.

As of June 2015, Ian Coombes Ltd has supplied insulating pool blankets and reel systems in excess of:

    • 470 Commercial outdoor facilities in New Zealand and Australia
    • 275 Commercial indoor facilities in New Zealand and Australia

We have also supplied residential blanket and reel systems to over 450 home pools since 1998.

Copies of MacBall user lists are available on request along with technical information on the blanket construction as well as heat saving properties etc.

The MacBall Heat Saver Insulating Pool Blanket and Storage Reel System offers a practical, cost-effective method to greatly reduce heat loss. Heating, water replacement and maintenance costs are substantially reduced through effective insulation and evaporation control.

Evaporation, conduction, convection and radiation are responsible for up to 90% of the heat loss from swimming pools.

The proven MacBall Heat Saver can reduce evaporation to near zero and because it insulates, it also substantially reduces convection and radiation losses. Stopping evaporation cuts heat loss and saves on make-up water requirements and costly chemicals.

The MacBall Heat Saver Blanket is fabricated from a tough, tear-resistant laminate that is non-permeable, non-toxic and chemically resistant.

The unique construction with interlocking end and edge treatment, load distributing plates and double-needle lock stitch fabrication far exceeds industry standards.

   Thermal Pool Blankets and Pool Cover

The MacBall Heat Saver Blankets offer the following benefits:

    • A bound reinforced edging all around the cover
    • Reinforced eyelets
    • An optional weighted edging for outdoor pools. This greatly reduces wind problems, but the cover can still be easily rolled up on a reel system
    • Draw ropes supplied
    • Superior heat retention qualities
    • Superior life span compared to other systems. Expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years. At this stage we have many commercial blankets with a lifespan exceeding 10 years
    • The blanket comes with a standard warranty of three years
    • As we manufacture them, we can easily service them if required
    • The Heat and Energy Saver Insulating Pool Blanket is also light in weight and with a good reel system it only requires one person to deploy and retrieve the covers from the pool

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