Zodiac Range of Salt Chlorinators

The Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorine generators (also referred to as salt water pool chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to your pool manually. With a chlorine generator you no longer need to purchase, transport, store or manually add chlorine as part of your routine maintenance. 

Furthermore, a chlorine generator also helps to eliminate red eyes, skin irritations and harsh chemical odours which can be caused by conventional chlorinated pools. Chlorine generators use electrolysis to sanitise your swimming pool, by passing salt water through an electrolytic cell which converts chloride contained in the salt water into chlorine. Installing a chlorine generator will leave you and your family with water that is far more enjoyable to swim in.

A  Zodiac chlorine generator requres 4-5,000ppm (parts per million) salt or around 6-8 bags a year to produce chlorine effectively.  This is about the same level as a tear drop.  As a comparison sea water is 35,000ppm salt.  Most importantly, day in and day out a Zodiac salt water chlorine generator will keep your pool sparkling clean and sanitised automatically.

 EI Series Chlorinators

The worlds easiest to install, operate and maintain chlorinator, Ei can be installed and set up in less than 15 minutes and best of all you can do it yourself.

Ei Saltwater Pool Chlorinator Features:

  • Convert to a healthy saltwater pool and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.
  • Installs easily with the patented DIY 'quick fit' drill and clamp system.
  • Set up is a breeze simply set the clock, timers and desired output, add salt to the pool and you're done.
  • Low maintenance electrolytic cell, with automated self-cleaning function (reverse polarity)

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Tri Series Chlorinators

TRi standard is a high performance reverse polarity chlorine generator. Zodiac's most popular chlorine generator, TRi is packed with features.

TRi Water Care System Features

  • Generator cell provides optimal performance, with better chlorination.
  • Easy-to-use one touch control unit.
  • Upgradeable system provides flexibility to suit your needs and your budget.
  • Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up and keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum.
  • Seamless connection to Zodiac Aqualink control systems for a fully automated pool experience.

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