PH Control

CO2 pH Correction

Using CO2 eliminates storing and handling of dangerous acids and CO2 does not create corrosive fumes that can damage other equipment located in the plant room.

Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that is present in the air we breathe and is used by many plants to make their food. CO2 is used by many municipal water treatment plants for lowering pH.


In water the CO2 forms a mild carbonic acid and it is impossible for a runaway  CO2 feeder to lower your pool water PH below 6.8 Therefore your  water will be safer to bathers and less damaging to equipment, plaster and  grout.

  • Automated control 24 hours per day
  • Crystal clear sanitised water
  • Savings on chemicals
  • Convenient and safe to use

As an alternate to Co2 of pH correction we are also able to offer solutions for dosing Hydrochloric acid or manually dosing Sodium Bisuphate which are also common methods of reducing pH levels in pool water.