Masterton's Outdoor Lido Leisure Pool at Trust House Recreation Centre is Completed!

Posted December 9, 2019

Masterton's outdoor Lido pool at Trust House Recreation Centre has been given a full autumnal makeover in preparation for the forthcoming Spring/summer swim season of 2019.   

Masterton's outdoor recreational swimming pool is a large 25m long x 25m wide pentagon style pool complete with an 8 lane speed slide. The outdoor Lido leisure pool has been a city favourite for many decades and Mastertonian's believe their unique slide,  is the only one of it's kind in the country.    

The Lido pool in recent years has suffered a significant water loss and a tired old leaky pool tank, ineffective overflow channels, and leaky slide were discovered to be the major contributors to water loss. 

The installation of an ELBE Blueline PVC 1.5mm reinforced pool liner in Arctic White, has solved the leaky pool tank issue and returned the Lido pool tank back to its former glory. Trust House Recreation Centre and the Masterton District Council also have the added assurance of a 10-year water tightness warranty as a result of Ian Coombes Limited's (ICL) installation of the White Elbe PVC pool tank liner. Stylish new overflow channels, 2 new balance tanks and recycled grating were also installed by the talented ICL Wellington team to maximise water efficiency and water reticulation. 

Fibreglass experts were contracted out by the Masterton District Council to re-fibreglass the iconic slide and the combined pool and slide refurbishment is stunning.

This is the first large White Elbe 1.5mm reinforced pool liner the ICL team has installed, as all previous pool liners have been finished in blue.  The white pool liner when filled with water transforms the pool into a striking blue finish. To quote Trust House recreation staff when the Lido pool was first refilled with water, the outdoor Lido leisure pool looked  "magical" with endless "sparkling water".     

For progress pictures of the stunning Trust House Recreation Centre's outdoor Lido Leisure pool transformation   Click here.      

We also wish the Masterton District Council and Trust House Recreation Centre a successful reopening of the refurbished Lido Pool on Saturday 14 December 2019  

If you would like to know more about the Elbe PVC 1.5mm Reinforced Pool Membrane view our product page ELBE membrane or phone our account managers today for an appointment to discuss your swimming pool refurbishment.