Palintest Pool Test Equipment

Easy to use, reliable, and accurate manual water testing equipment, complete the effective disinfection and pH management of your water space.

CAL stock the following Palintest products and specialty test kits on request.  

Palintest Test strips- For all pool environments especially residential pools.

The Palintest® paper test strips are a simple daily measure of water clarity for residential, schools, community, wellness day spas, hotels, and commercial pools

School and Commercial Water testing 

The Lumiso Pooltest 6  Photometer kit - a 6-parameter manual water testing instrument that reads the: Alkalinity, Bromine, Chlorine, PH, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid with 10 reading memory is a superb choice. View results on the instrument data log or use the USB to manage your data on a PC.  

The new Lumiso Pooltest Expert - is a new multi-parameter easy-to-use touchscreen photometer designed for pool managers to professional engineers.  With 35 test routine and troubleshooting testing options, this new photometer is the perfect solution to achieve accurate and dependable manual water test results for your school or commercial water space. USB connectivity enables data management with the Palintest connect platform. Access to 1000 test results via the device's screen and windows and mobile app connectivity make this the photometer of choice for commercial and larger school swimming pools.  

Both kits come in a stylish, all-in-one carry case, with test tubes, crushing rods, and test tablets.

Testing Tablets - CAL carries the full range of Test Tablets in boxed quantities 

Pocket TDS meters and more advanced water test kits are available on request.

The CAL team has been the NZ Palintest distributor for over 24 years and is well-versed with the extensive Palintest range of pool and spa water testing equipment. Phone our friendly,  experienced team to discuss your water testing requirements.

For more  technical information on Lumiso Pooltest 6 and Lumiso Pooltest Expert kits and the handy paper test trips refer to our downloads section for Palintest® technical datasheets

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