Sauna and Steam

Sauna and Steam 

For over 2,000 years people have enjoyed sauna and steam bathing as a way to assist health and wellbeing. To keep this tradition alive, Ian Coombes Ltd (ICL) is proud to offer the EOS range of sauna and steam equipment. EOS, Germany are world renowned for their quality, technology and style. ICL is the sole New Zealand agent for EOS Sauna and Steam Products.


A sauna is a timber-lined room that is heated to approximately 85°c. The sauna offers a very dry heat with relative humidity usually within the range of 5 to 20%. The sauna user, by adding small amounts of water to the sauna rocks, controls the amount of humidity within the sauna room. These rocks, which are contained in the top of the sauna heater, are hot so that the water is instantly turned into steam, which in turn raises the relative humidity of the room.

The heat of the sauna causes sweating, which releases toxins from the body, burns calories and conditions the heart.  Anxieties, stresses and the troubles of everyday life melt away as the bather relaxes in the soothing comfort of the dry sauna room. There is no better way to take time out, relax and soothe tired and sore muscles. The sauna experience can be an individual relaxation time or shared with family and friends.  

EOS saunas and controllers add a luxury feel to your sauna space . Quality and energy efficiency are at the foremost of EOS design. 

Sauna Timber  

ICL import kiln dried Scandinavian pine tongue and groove for the sauna walls and ceiling and dressed spruce for authentic stylish wooden sauna seating. To complete the sauna, we have traditional wooden sauna doors or for a more up-market hotel look, full glass doors and glass frontages.  We also supply Scandinavian sauna lamps, buckets , ladles, thermometers, sand timers and hygrometers - humidity gauge and sauna essences.       

Sauna products can be purchased individually to suit your residential or commercial sauna room. Alternatively, ICL can design, build and  install your beautiful new residential or commercial sauna room. The choice is yours.  

Steam Rooms 

Steam rooms, like saunas, are extremely popular in Europe and Asia and are a standard feature in many upmarket gyms, hotels, health spas and wellness centre's in New Zealand. EOS and ICL can assist you with your residential or commercial steam room fit out.  Steam generators are sized to the cubic meter room space (m3) and built to the NZ building code wet room standards.   

Steam rooms improve overall cardiovascular health by improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, clearing congestion, promoting skin health, aiding in workout recovery, loosening stiff joints and burning calories.

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