MacBall Heat Saver Thermal 8 Pool Cover

Evaporation, conduction, convection and radiation are responsible for up to 90% of the heat loss from swimming pools. The Macball Heat saver pool cover can reduce evaporation to near zero because the cover provides a thermal break and insulates the pool against water, heat and chemical loss caused by evaporation.   

Combine your new MacBall Heatsaver blanket with a made to measure reel system and you have a cost effective, easy to use system to reduce heat loss .  

The MacBall Heatsaver Thermal pool cover is made with a tough top and bottom layers of UV resistant woven polyethylene, with a 4mm thick crosslinked polyethylene foam sandwiched between for increased strength and durability . All MacBall Heatsaver Thermal covers are edged with UV resistant woven polyethylene edging and have reinforced eyelets for added strength and durability .  Weighted edging is added to all outdoor covers to resist the wind blowing your blanket from the surface of your swimming pool.  

The MacBall Heat Saver Blankets offer the following benefits:

·         Established in New Zealand & Australia since 1989

·         A bound reinforced edging all around the blanket.

·         Reinforced eyelets.

·         Weighted edging for outdoor pools.  This greatly reduces wind problems, but the blanket can still be easily rolled up on a reel system.

·         Draw ropes supplied.

·         Superior heat retention qualities.

·         Superior life span compared to other systems.  Expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years.  To date we have many commercial blankets with a lifespan exceeding 10 years.

·         Each blanket comes with a standard three year warranty.

·         The MacBall insulating pool blanket is also light in weight and with a good reel system it only requires one person to deploy and retrieve the pool covers from the pool.

·         Watermark approved to Australian standards


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