Malmsten Water Polo Equipment

Malmsten is the official FINA and LEN supplier of water polo equipment. Malmsten have supplied 9 previous Olympic Games and are the waterpolo equipment supplier for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Based in Sweden, Malmsten specialises in the manufacture of professional waterpolo equipment for the field of play, custom designed to any pool. 

The senior water polo product range includes:

  • Boundary lines for the field of play
  • Goals
  • Ball release
  • Inflatable advertising structure
  • Referees' catwalks.

Malmsten, by special request from the Water Polo Development World organisation, now manufacture "grass root" waterpolo equipment to encourage the younger waterpolo player into the growing international sport.

Ian Coombes Limited are excited to be able to offer Malmsten quality waterpolo equipment to the New Zealand market on behalf of Malmsten.  

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