Pool Deck Hardware

CAL offers an extensive range of domestic and commercial pool deck hardware. 

  • Pelican Pool and Spa hoists allow easy poolside access for bathers with disabilities
  • CAL Grate-tech Overflow Channel Grating provides a durable streamlined attractive non-slip solution to covering overflow water channeling.
  • Wavebreaker Racing lane ropes and tensioners designed by swimmers for swimmers. 
  • Wavebreak Stainless steel Storage reels with manual or autowinder compatibility.
  • Backstroke flags, Stainless steel backstroke poles and pool deck anchors.
  • Stainless steel ladders and pool railing designed for your pool environs. 
  • Stainless steel and fibreglass start blocks made to order in our Christchurch stainless steel workshop.  
  • Black lane markers and targets for a commercial and residential lap and training pools 

Phone or email the CAL team to discuss the deck hardware options most suitable for your residential or commercial pool.