Wavebreaker Lane Ropes and Reels

Wavebreaker Racing Lane ropes were designed and perfected by Ian Coombes himself,  a competitive amateur swimmer.

Wavebreaker Racing Lane ropes are built to last with quality 316-grade stainless steel wire and stainless steel tensioner fittings. The discs themselves meet CAL's trademark quality and durability criteria and are made from UV and chlorine stabilised polypropylene to ensure longevity in the harsh pool environment.

How they work 

Each lane rope is made up of a series of 110mm discs with a recessed donut float between each disc,  ensuring a seamless wave breaking (dampening) action across the entire length of the racing lane.  The slight curvature of the external profile disc is also designed to minimise the risk to bathers should big or small feet or hands come into contact with the Wavebreaker Racing Lane ropes.

The standard colours are Red, White and Blue. Other colours are available on request and minimum order quantities may apply.

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