Introducing ROCS Pools the New or Retrofitted Swimming Pool Construction System. 

A ROCS Pool can be designed to complement a new high-end architecturally designed residential swimming pool build or meet the rigorous demands of multiple  25m-50m competition pools, and learn to swim, swimming pools at your new aquatics centre. 

A ROCS Pool encapsulates,  contemporary pool design, modern water space engineering, water tightness,  function, style, sustainability, and installation versatility. 

A ROCS Pools system can be retrofitted to complement and enhance,  a much-loved residential, community, council, hotel,  or school pool renovation with ease.  

How it works

A ROCS Pool is a complete PVC and stainless-steel swimming pool construction package. Incorporating modern pool design and sustainable practices that can be easily integrated into a new swimming pool build or retrofitted into an existing, water space renovation.     

A ROCS Pool provides 

  • Contemporary design 
  • Function and Form in a ROCS Pool modular prefabricated building system 
  • Built-in Releveling capability in the event of seismic movement.   
  • Engineered to precision 
  • Locally Crafted  
  • Optional Luxury Underfoot comfort with PEM -Poly Extruded Matting- providing extra soft underfoot comfort to traditional swimming pool floor underlays.  

Why Build a ROCS Pool 

  • Easy to install 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Requires Minimal excavation 
  • Versatile application across new and renovated residential- community - school and commercial swimming pool builds - irrespective of the size.  
  • A complete Stainless-steel and PVC swimming pool build solution.
  • Seismic resilience  
  • Modern pool water design with sustainable principles. 
  • Improves swimmer's comfort by reducing wave splashback

A ROCS Pool represents a comprehensive swimming pool build solution. Uniting contemporary styling, crafted from resilient stainless steel and PVC, and engineered to endure the daily rigors of all swimming pool activities.

For more technical information view the ROCS Pools brochure and our news story on Patrica Avenue's new Hydrotherapy Swimming pool.     

Phone our team today for more details on your new ROCS Pools Build or pool renovation.