Ian Coombes Ltd offers a wide range of pool water disinfection systems such as chemical control, ph control, salt chlorination, UV  and more.

When it comes to controlling the water chemistry of a pool, careful consideration should be given to ensure the equipment that controls your pool water quality is of the highest quality and sized to your swimming pools requirements . Quality disinfection equipment systems ensure consistent pool water quality, bather comfort, maximises equipment life and are safe and economical to run. 

Why Disinfect

Disinfection is a top priority for effective water quality management of any water space . Disinfection is critical to protect against pathogens, and is best managed through routine monitoring and maintenance of chemical feed equipment to ensure optimum chemical levels in accordance with the New Zealand swimming pool water quality standards. 

Modern digital equipment when used in conjunction with automatic chemical feeders makes maintaining stable pH and chlorine levels easy. School and commercial pools are required to monitor water quality at regular intervals each day and the addition of an electronic chemical controller takes the guess work out of these reading and also reduces the number of times levels need to be measured.    

At this point in the NZ pool standards legislation, it is not compulsory to have an electronic chemical controller in a school or commercial pool environment. However,  we believe that as health and safety standards increase across New Zealand,  that electronic chemical control and dosage systems will become a minimum pool health standard .  

Ian Coombes Ltd has a wide range of renowned disinfection systems that have been specified for residential pools up to Olympic sized complexes,  please phone our expert team to find the system that best suits your water space.