Automated Chemical Controller-BECSys 5


The BECSys5 is a richly featured water chemistry controller, based upon a proven design with years of reliable field performance. While configurable for the most demanding applications, it is still simple to operate with detailed on-screen manuals and helpful information. BECSys for Windows software is included, providing operational data logs, graphs, and event calendars and access to BECSys Live! Free App 

  • One-touch set point and calibration access
  •  Multi-level password-protected and easy-to-use
  •  5-year electronics warranty/2-year sensor warranty
  • Advanced sensor and flow cell technology
  • Free chlorine/bromine readings with bracketed control
  •  UV control, based on combined chlorine level
  •  Monitor Chemical inventory levels
  •  Autofill
  •  Remote access to pool data with the connection of an Ethernet cable to BECSys Live! Free App
  • Alarm notifications by email or text
  • Additional probes and pressure sensors can be added for future chemical analysis & control needs  


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