Swimming Pool heating

CAL works closely with two New Zealand specialist swimming pool and spa pool heating companies.  

Hot Water Heat Pumps- for heat pump pool heating,  using Performance plus, Dual and Thermoplus heat pumps.  Heat pump water heating is considered the most reliable,  energy-efficient, and effective way of heating a pool water space irrespective of the seasons.   

Waterco- for solar pool heating using Zane roof panels or Zane tubing, which is an effective swimming pool heating solution during the summer swim season,  when sunshine hours are at there highest.

Diesel and Element pool water heating where extremely popular for many years,  however, the heat pump's performance, energy efficiencies, and affordability have superseded these traditional forms of swimming pool heating in recent years.    

The CAL project management team are trained in tailoring the correct heat pump or solar pool heating solution or a combination of both heating systems to meet your residential or commercial swimming pool heating requirements.

Contact our experienced team to assist you with your commercial or residential swimming pool heating requirements.