Heat Pump Pool Water Heating

Heat pumps are the most reliable way of heating your indoor or outdoor pool or spa water space.

Sized to your pool surface area, bather usage, geographical area and specific bather's training or learn to swim requirements,  the correct sized  heat pump offers the certainty of a consistent pre set temparature at an affordable price and energy consumption.   

Pool water heat pumps are designed for;

  • All year round use  
  • Dual pool and Spa - all season heat pump option.  
  • New Zealand summer swim season (October - March).

New Zealand suffers extreme seasonal and day/night temperature changes. With the exception of Northland,  most of New Zealand is affected by these variable temperature changes,  making planning an outside aquatics event tricky at best. Swimming pool heatpumps draw warm air from the outside environment, that warm air runs through a compressor and heats the pool water.  Swimming pool end use and climate are therfore major determinants of the heat pump most suitable for your residential, school or commercial indoor/ outdoor pool.      

The Perfomance Plus Heat Pump is the all year round heat pump solution built tough for New Zealand conditions. Safe, reliable, ozone and environmentally friendly, durable and built to last,  the perfomance plus heat pump caters for small residential plunge pools to large 50m x 8m lane Olympic sized commercial pools. 

The Dual Purpose Heat Pump allows the flexibility of heating a swimming pool and spa pool with the one heat pump, perfect for the smaller commercial -under 25m pools , swim school or residential pool where space is critical. The Dual is an all year round heat pump option built for the harsh New Zealand environment.      

The Thermoplus Heat Pump is the summer season pool or spa heat pump. Perfect for small-medium sized outdoor residential, commercial and spa pools used over the NZ summer swim season- October - March.     

CAL recommend whatever your heatpump choice,  that the addition of a MacBall Heat Saver Thermal 8 Pool cover is essential with any heatpump installation. The MacBall Heat Saver Thermal 8 Pool blanket holds in the days generated heat that is lost overnight as a direct result of  the significant day/night temperature variation . 

Our team of project managers are happy to advise on the best heat pump solution for your water space, phone or email our team today to discuss your pool heating requirements.  


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