Automated Chemical Controller-BECSys 2 for Residential Pools

The BECSys2 uses the same sensors for sanitizer and pH control as all the big BECS controllers,  just in a smaller package!

How it works 

  • The BECSys 2, takes all the guesswork and stress out of correctly dosing your residential swimming pool by automatically dosing (drip feeding) the required amount of chlorine and PH for your residential water space.
  • THe BECSys 2 is easily adapted for Salt Water residential pools and automatically doses the required PH to ensure,  perfect water quality and a safe, fun, family pool environment.    

No more hand measuring chemicals! 

  • Handling and measuring expensive chemicals is no longer required, as feeder/ dosing tubes are inserted into the 25lt liquid chlorine and/or PH containers.
  • This dosing system substantially reduces chemical handling and the risk of overdosing/underdosing (disinfecting) your family water space.  
  •  Safer for all family members 


  • The addition of an effective and accurate, chemical control system not only protects your swimming family but reduces your time in the pool shed, and most importantly allows you, more time to swim and enjoy your family water space.

If you would like to know more or would like a quote to install a BECSys 2 chemical controller in your residential pool phone or contact our project team today.


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