Burnside High School's Stunning Swimming Pool Transformation

Posted December 7, 2022

Burnside High School, in Christchurch, New Zealand, is one of New Zealand's largest high schools, with a culturally diverse co-educational student population of 2400 students. Burnside High School (BHS) was built in 1960, to be a large co-educational school of the future. Set on 59 hectares of extensive school grounds, with purpose-built gyms, performance music halls and auditoriums, libraries, science labs, and student classrooms. Burnside High School is renowned for its performance Music programme as well as for producing, the odd Prime Minister, famous authors, CEOs, scientists, diplomats, many outstanding sports persons, musicians, and film directors.

In 1961 the super-large 33.8m x 13.5m inground concrete swimming pool was added to BHS campus facilities, and further enhanced some three years later with the addition of a filtration system in 1964. Like many school pools of this era, water circulation and heating were not high on the must-have school pool lists, and generations of children learned to swim in icy cold pools of varying water quality and survived- as many of us from this era have proudly declared!

Fortunately, the days of swimming in cold school pools are over for the next generation of Burnside High School students. BHS is now sporting a modern, stunning, ELBE-reinforced PVC membrane-lined swimming pool, with clearly defined lane markings and wall targets and the coveted 10-year watertight and material guarantee.  The new overflow system replaces the old, black-painted solar channels with finger-gripped tiles to complete the modern aesthetic.  New pool deck hardware further enhances the modern pool finish. Two large 100kW swimming pool heat pumps have been installed for the assured 28-degree Celsius pool water temperature, irrespective of the weather. Thermal pool covers and a triple under bench reel system, have been included as the sustainable solution to locking in and storing the days generated heat and reducing valuable water and chemicals lost in the evaporation process.  

The plant room has been completely refurbished and now houses a new Technol filter, powerful water pump, and integrated BECS System 5 chemical control system. Large bore piping was installed to ensure the effective and efficient continuous water flow of 533,000 liters of heated swimming pool water through the ELBE-lined swimming pool and balance tank, and plant room equipment. The BHS swimming pool now complies with the New Zealand water code and pool design standards.

Most importantly the BHS community has a stunning, purpose-built swimming pool that provides a safe, enjoyable, warm, learning environment for the multiple water programmes run at BHS.  Swim sports, water fun days, outdoor ed practice, water safety, and post-sport/training recovery programmes, can all be run with ease.

Congratulation BHS on your newly refurbished swimming pool.

For progress photos of this stunning BHS swimming pool transformation, click on our project gallery.   

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