Chemical Control for School and Community Swimming Pools

Posted July 18, 2019

Why Install?  

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, requires that all reasonably practicable steps are taken to ensure everyone using the swimming pool remains safe and healthy. Broken down,  NZS 5826: 2010 Pool Water Quality standards further stipulates the frequency of water testing and pool maintenance guidelines and checks to ensure bather safety. The installation of a swimming pool chemical controller system takes all the guesswork out of managing your school's swimming pools water health, reduces the testing frequency and chemical handling.      

The BECSys 5 Chemical controller allows: 

1 ) Improved water chemistry control and swimming pool water continuity.   

2) Accurate 24/7 chemical readings. 

3) Less time spent manually testing school pool water.  

4) Reduced and safer chemical handling for school caretakers and parent-run pool committee members. 

5) Safer storage of toxic pool Chemicals

6) Lifts the school's overall health and safety standards and strengthen's the Pool's Risk Management Plan. 

7) Easier and accurate water reporting results as the BECSys 5 Chemical Controller System is designed for school water reporting.   

How it works:     

 A BECSys Chemical Dosing Systems provides advanced chemical control of swimming pool water by:  

1) Continually measuring and displaying the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) levels in your pool water as well as pH.

2) The controller then activates independent external dosing pumps to dose either sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) or hydrochloric acid (PH)  as needed.

3) Dosing pumps are sized and programmed for your specific swimming pool water space. 

4) Dosing pumps work independently of the chemical controller system so future repairs and maintenance are easy and don't require the disestablishment of the full chemical control system. Dosing pump tubes do require periodic replacement with chemical aging.        

5) Under NZS:5826 Pool Water Quality NZ Standard manual water testing can be reduced down to twice daily by a trained practitioner instead of 3 hourly.  

6) 24/7 remote access with the connection of an Ethernet cable-  allowing up to 8 people to receive smartphone pool alerts on your pool’s health.

7) Additional probes can also be added for future-proofing to measure Total Available Chlorine (TAC) and Total Developed Solids (TDS) 

8) Pressure sensors can be added which enables a backwash alarm to be set,  reminding the pool operator when it is time to backwash the filters.

Why a BECSys System 5

The BECSys 5 chemical controller is the preferred choice for many of our School and Commercial pool operators due to the systems, ease of use, durability, reliability, and ability to add on extra dosing pumps as future pool demands require. With the focus on minimising swimming pool chemical handling and the increased focus on safety and wellbeing, we believe that a chemical controller in school pools will become a minimum NZ pool safety standard in time. 


The CAL team can install a BECSys 5 Chemical controller anywhere in New Zealand, pool commissioning and a guided instructional lesson on maximising your BECSys 5 is all part of the package.   

Please note the bulk storage of liquid pool chemicals is required for effective chemical controller installation and can start from as small as  1 x 20lt container of ph and  1 x 20lt of chlorine to 200lt plus bulk storage of Chlorine for dosing pumps to draw off.

For a Salt pool chemical control system we would just dose for PH.     

Quantity Required: 1 chemical controller per water space irrespective of water volume.    

For more information on chemical control options please refer to our Products page on Disinfection for your school, residential and commercial swimming pool needs.  

If you would like a Chemical Controller quote for your water space, please phone or email our friendly CAL team today.