Clarkville School's Swimming Pool Winter Makeover- finished just in time for the Summer School Swim Season

Posted November 23, 2021

Winter is a fabulous time to upgrade, summer-only indoor school, council, and community pools. 

Like many school pools throughout New Zealand, Clarkville School's filtration system was undersized and struggling to keep up with bather demand, and the pool tank required another repaint. 

Undersized water services equipment makes managing pool water chemistry extremely challenging, and on super-hot days, with higher than usual bather loads, the undersized filters, water pumps, and chemical dosing systems, simply cannot filter the pool water quickly enough and murky water becomes the norm!

After a tailored pool assessment by one of Coombes Aquatics Project Manager's, Clarkville School's Board were advised, what was required to bring their well-loved indoor swimming pool's plant room and pool tank up to the required New Zealand Pool Building NZS4441:2008 and Water Quality NZS5826:2010 standards. 

Clarkville School's winter pool makeover entailed; the installation of two correctly sized sand filters, one powerful new water pump, one super accurate automated BECS System 3 chemical controller, new pipework, and fittings to increase the filtration flow rate and improve water circulation. 

To complete the makeover, the pool tank was clad in the ELBE reinforced membrane in Arctic White, banishing the need to repaint the pool tank again! The pool's two entranceway steps were finished in ELBE membrane Arctic white anti-slip for the safety of little feet. New Stainless steel pool railings and membrane-compatible finishes, have been added to complete a modern pool aesthetic and provide the valuable 10-year pool tank watertight warranty. 

Clarkville School, like many New Zealand school pools, has a providence story. The hardy children of Clarkville School began swimming lessons in the local creek, now known as Silverstream, until 1954, when their first school pool was built! Filtration systems, in the 1950s, were very basic, and stingy red eyes due to chemical imbalance were common.

In fact, many pools throughout New Zealand in the early days were treated like oversized baths, with the water regularly emptied after a couple of weeks of swimming and a small degree of chemical dosing added for good measure.  Pool water science grew, and in 1965 the Clarkville pool filtration system was updated and solar water heating was added; thanks to the many Clarkville Parent group committee fundraising events, and local community support. In 1994 the old school pool was demolished, and a new covered swimming pool was created. 2021 has seen this lovely indoor 20m x 7m school swimming pool refreshed and revived again,  for the many generations of Clarkville school students to come. The students of Clarkville School, are also assured that they will only be returning to the local Silverstream  "creek" for ecology lessons, Eel spotting, or a trip down memory lane.

For more information on how we can bring your school or commercial pool up to the required NZ standards contact our project management team today.   

Please view our project gallery for pictures of Clarkville School's  before and after winter makeover