Dust off the pool covers, turn the filters to summer mode , switch the pool heating on and shout yourself a new pool robot.

Posted October 4, 2023

NIWA has reported September 2023 was Aotearoa's warmest September since records began in 1909, with meteorologists advising, that this is "a taste” of the predicted hotter, drier summer, that much of New Zealand, will experience under the new EL Niño weather pattern.   

A long hot summer is wonderful news to bathers, but for pool owners and commercial pool caretakers, sizzling hot weather can result in spending many extra hours maintaining pool water quality, at the expense of much-needed soaking time!      

Here are a couple of valuable swimming pool tips the Coombes Aquatics Team recommends to ensure you are spending more time in your swimming pool than maintaining it:  

Number One: Invest in a new thermal pool cover or replace your old thermal pool cover if it is post-7 years old and starting to look tatty and worn.

Thermal pool covers trap the day's generated heat that is lost overnight with the change in day/night temperature.  Thermal pool covers sit on top of the pool water, creating a thermal break and therefore stopping condensation - which means as well as conserving water heat, your thermal pool cover is also conserving valuable water and chemicals, that are lost in the daily evaporation process.

So, keep the pool covered when not in use, and you will save money and time, reheating, re-filling, and chemically re-dosing your swimming pool. 

For more information - view MacBall Thermal Pool Covers or phone our team 

Number Two: Check all pool equipment for water leaks. 

Refill the pool to its summer operational water level. Empty all debris collection baskets and check for cracks or basket splits. Turn the Filters on or switch to summer mode and check all plant room equipment for water leaks. Backwash the filters, if it hasn't been done in a while, and check everything is running smoothly and efficiently.  If not phone us- for a technician visit. 

Test your pool water regularly & dose accordingly- our team can assist you with pool water testing and any equipment issues.  

Number Three: Adding a BECS Automatic Chemical dosing system

Adding a BECS automated dosing to your plant room takes all the guesswork out of dosing your residential or commercial swimming pool and ensuring quality pool water chemistry.  Our team will guide you on the BECS system for your swimming pool.

For more information view our BECS System product page or phone our team.   

Number Four: Turn the pool heating on

Turn your pool heating on and again check that there are no water leaks and that the heat pump or solar system is working how it should. If not call us.   

Number Five: Vacuum your pool tank manually or automatically regularly.

Having tried both, I am a complete convert to the wonders of owning and regularly using a Robotic pool cleaner or pool vacuum. I was never able to manually clean our shaped swimming pool until I purchased a ROBO PLUS V2 (previously branded as Roboter I-Cleaner 120) some 6 years ago. The ROBO Plus V2, works like a mobile filter, cleaning the pool floor and climbing the walls of your pool as it goes about its cleaning routine. The ROBO PLUS V2 - has its own filter bag for dirt and pool debris collection. When the ROBO Plus or Pro (commercial pool vac) has finished cleaning the pool or the filter bag is full, you simply empty the contents in the rubbish, rinse the filter bag, and you are ready for the next pool clean. Pool debris is contained in the filter bag, so backwashing the filters after each pool cleaning process is no longer required, reducing filter and pump workload, and saving you, valuable water and chemicals lots in the traditional backwashing process. 

For more information - view ROBO PLUS V2 for residential pools and ROBO PRO for commercial pools or phone our team today 

I hope the above tips help you conserve heat, water, and chemicals in your water space to ensure family, friends, and the wider community have an enjoyable, long hot summer swimming, playing, and cooling off in your residential or commercial swimming pool.