Happy New Year and tis the season for Swimming and maybe a Sauna!

Posted January 19, 2024

After a well-earned holiday break, our national team of technicians has been despatched around the country, with the number one priority to finish Foxton Pool in time for this week's grand community reopening. We can't post photos of the Foxton pool renovation project,  till after the big community reveal- but rest assured, the people of Foxton are not going to be disappointed,  with their newly refurbished Aquatic's complex.     

We have a rooftop apartment swimming pool the team is working on and a couple of school pools,  that require new ELBE membranes and lane markings completed, in time for annual school swim sports carnivals. The above picture is of the newly refurbished East Levin Primary School indoor swimming pool finished late last year.  

Week one for me, means, checking we have enough ROBO PLUS V2 swimming pool robots for clients to purchase and plenty of MacBall Thermal Pool Cover material, to custom-make new thermal pool covers for clients,  to ensure these balmy pool water temps, last as long as possible. 

Investing in a new ROBO Plus V2 Robotic pool cleaner will save you time and money in maintaining pool water clarity.  Equally, if you are watching your pool water temp reaching record temps during the day and plummeting overnight - covering your swimming pool overnight with a MacBall Thermal pool cover will make a tremendous difference to the following day's pool water temp and save you money re-heating the pool back to the desired pool water temp each day.   

I have also been kindly emailed photos of a client's stunning new Sauna installation,  and feedback on what a difference a sauna session has on one's hips, back, and/or knees, post-workout, a family tramp, or hill run.  Pre-season winter sports training has begun and with that interest in creating home and commercial sauna wellness spaces. Coombes Aquatics is the renowned German EOS distributor for sauna and steam room heaters and generators. We also import, specialty kiln-dried Scandinavian sauna timber to complete your sauna wellness space. 

If you would like to know more about the ROBO PLUS V2 pool vacuum, need a MacBall thermal pool cover, or would like to create your own sauna or steam room space,  phone our team today we would be delighted to assist you.  


Foxton Pool refurbished pics released 24 January 2024: Foxton Pool Community  Aquatic Centre reopening