Splash Palace, Invercargill's new Triple Waterslide is Officially Open.

Posted April 23, 2021

The "Ta Daa" moment has happened and the Invercargill City Council and Splash Palace Aquatic Centre,  can all sit back with pride,  as they watch the endless kids and adults climb the many tower steps for another thrilling ride,  on any one of the three challenging waterslides. 

The "Southland sphere" is the clear favourite, with bather queues, the new norm!    

The towering 13m triple waterslide project has taken 4 years from idea conception, design, resource, and building consent, manufacture, installation, and grand opening. Many local subbies have been involved in the completion of this giant waterslide,  along with internationally renowned Polin Waterslides. The Coombes Aquatics Splash Palace team,  temporarily became honorary Southlander's to ensure the safe completion of this exciting waterslide project. 

The unsung hero of this project, that rarely gets a pic on our website and never makes the newspaper, is the plant or engine rooms of these projects.  The Plant room drives the massive water filters, water pumps, heaters, chemical controllers, balance, and backwash tanks that power the required clean warm water to the three long waterslides to ensure a thrilling ride for all. 

This is the technical, engineering water science, that is so critical, to the safe operation of any recreational water space.  We at Coombes Aquatics -CAL, refer to this as the required "water services" of a project and this is our specialty.  Ian Coombes, knowledge is so well renowned in New Zealand,  that Ian was asked to help write the New Zealand Swimming Pool Water Quality Standard: NZS5826:2010 for schools and commercial swimming pool operations.         

If you would like to add a Waterslide to your Aquatics space,  contact our project team, with the assurance you will be working with a knowledgeable aquatics team,  that truly knows their stuff.       

To view, the official Splash Place's waterslide opening click on the attached newspaper link:  the official opening

or Australasian Leisure magazine article  


to view progress pictures of Splash Palace's new waterslide build.