Thank you, Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd from the students of Kaiapoi Borough Primary School.

Posted April 14, 2021

The Students, Parents, Teaching, and Support staff at Kaiapoi Borough Primary School would like to give a massive “shout out” to Bahman and Adrian, at Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited, for coming to their school’s rescue when their old swimming pool heat pump, admirably retired itself, after many years of tireless service, just before the 2020 Christmas school holiday break. 

We all know that ghastly feeling of when something unexpected and expensive breaks down in the peak of season use! Plus, the Kaiapoi Borough Primary School children, had only just got their favourite water space back, after the spring installation of an ELBE reinforced watertight membrane by Coombes Aquatics Limited, to address the leaky pool issue, that had prevented the children from using their school pool for some years.    

The challenge was on, to build a heat pump over the holiday break, coupled with Covid-19, pre-Christmas equipment shortages, and delays. Thanks to the tenacity of the Hot Water Heat Pump’s team, a new swimming pool heat pump, was built, fit for the harsh New Zealand climate, specially manufactured and shipped to Coombes Aquatics for installation before, the Kaiapoi Borough children returned from their summer break. 

Kaiapoi Borough School is now the proud owner of a slightly larger heat pump than they had before and combined with the new MacBall Thermal pool covers, Kaiapoi Borough's school pool, is a toasty warm 26-28 degrees, irrespective of the weather.  The smiles on Sabria, Bronson, Finn, Mihitai, and Naia’s faces say it all.

Thank You, Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited for assisting Kaiapoi Borough Primary School, to enjoy their stunning refurbished water space and understanding how important our “little customers” enjoyment of their water space is to us all.