HammerHead Manual Vacuum

The Hammerhead Vacuum 

The battery-powered HammerHead is a totally self-contained manual vacuum that comes in the popular 0.75m commercial model, ideal for all public pools.

All the hassles and hazards associated with conventional pumps, vacuum hoses, extension cords, power outlets, etc. are now a thing of the past.

Set-up is quick and simple.

Wheel out the Hammer Head, attach the hand pole, place the HammerHead in the pool, turn it on and you are immediately cleaning.

Your set-up time is literally seconds.

  • The Hammer Head's self-contained, high capacity and easy to clean filter bags make debris collection a breeze.
  • The units come with an 18m long tough flotation cord.
  • The HammerHead pumps an astounding 1000 l/min.
  • They come with their own caddy cart allowing easy maneuverability in and out of storage areas and to and from the pool.
  • The complete unit stores in a small area.
  • The large diameter cartwheels make handling a breeze, up and downstairs, and through doorways - it's all so easy.
  • The HammerHead has been developed by pool servicemen with the rigors of everyday use in mind.

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