BECS Technology introduces BECSys Live! a free remote access App to check your pool water chemistry 24/7

Posted September 1, 2023

The BECSys chemical controllers' accuracy and ability to electronically measure Free available chlorine  (FAC) and therefore reduce manual water testing down to twice daily, instead of every 3 hours ( as per NZ water standard NZS 5826:2010 ) is a significant time-saving in any commercial pool operator's daily routine.  

Add the ability to check your pool water chemistry remotely 24/7 into the mix and it is easy to see why BECSys chemical controllers are the controller of choice in Commercial, Community, and School pools throughout New Zealand. 

Smart, easy to use, and designed to meet your specific water space needs, the BECSys chemical controllers range, makes managing and monitoring your swimming pool's water health easy.    

The new phone and tablet-friendly app BECSys Live!  is compatible with BECSy5, BECSys7, and BECSysBW controllers with firmware v1.26 or higher.

The BECSys  Live! Free App is now also compatible with communication-capable BECSys2 and BECSys3 controllers,  with the addition of a remote control module.

Adding optional remote access capability to the very affordable BECSys 3 chemical controller has allowed numerous schools and learn-to-swim pools, to upgrade their chemical control monitoring systems, and redirect the dollar and time savings into the creative fun of running learn-to-swim water spaces.    

Contact our experienced team today and they can guide you through the most suitable BECSys Chemical control system, for your water space. 

For more technical information refer to an earlier written article "Chemical Control for Schools and Commercial Swimming Pools"