He Puna Taimoana -New Brighton Hotwater Salt Pools preview

He Puna Taimoana, the new New Brighton saltwater hot pools have begun the countdown to the March 2020 opening. Not long now! Read more

Masterton's Outdoor Lido Leisure Pool at Trust House Recreation Centre is Completed!

Spruce up for Masterton's outdoor Lido Leisure pool and Iconic water slide Read more

Mount Maunganui's Baywave TECT Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Mount Maunganui's Baywave TECT Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Coombes Aquatics Limited (CAL) and Polin Waterparks have designed an exciting new Pirate-themed family-friendly play structure for the Baywave Aquatic park. Read more

Pool ready tips for the Summer Swim Season

Pre-Summer Swim season plant room and maintenance checks. Read more

Hydroslide Construction at Invercargill's Splash Palace Starts Soon

Construction of a Splash Palaces'new triple Polin Hydroslide starts March 2020 Read more

Chemical Control for School and Community Swimming Pools

A BECSys 5 Chemical Controller takes all the stress out of guessing your school pool's water health; reduces manual water testing to twice daily, allows staff more time to focus on running the school pool and less time monitoring water chemistry and handling pool chemicals. The BECSys 5 Chemical Controller is specifically designed for school and community pools and the addition of an ethernet cable allows 24/7 remote access to your pools water chemistry. Read more

New Brighton Hot Pools Splash Pad and Whale Pool

New Brighton's iconic Whale has returned with the addition of an interactive sensory water park splash pad installed by Coombes Aquatics Limited's talented Christchurch team. Read more

Water walls, Pounamu fountains, landscaped water trials and a Taonga reflection pond have transformed Island Bay's Home of Compassion entrance way

Sacred stone water fountains, inscribed Water walls, reflection ponds and cloistered water trails encapsulate the desire of the Sisters of Compassion's, Island Bay hospital and apartments entrance gardens to be a place of wellbeing and beauty that allows people of all denominations of faith to rest, heal and find new direction in their lives. Read more

New Sauna Wellness Retreat's for Jellie Park and Pioneer Recreational Centres.

New sauna wellness retreat's installed for Jellie Park and Pioneer Recreation Centres with a minimalist Scandinavian vibe. Read more